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Learning Goal

Learning is a process to acquire, enhance, or make changes in one's knowledge. Learning Module presents essential and masks non-essential pieces of knowledge. It is self paced and presents required links to important examples and related terminologies essentially required for examination centric study. The module is focused on examination system in vogue in Pakistan and helps student acquire maximum marks in limited time of study.

About GW - BASIC



History of GW-BASIC

Basic was originally developed at Dartmouth college, New Hamsphire (U.S.A) by John Kemeny and Kurtz in the mid 1960s. Basic is easy to learn and fun to use. It is very close to English Language.

GW-BASIC Applications

BASIC is often used for variety of more advance applications in such areas as business, science, engineerig and mathematics.


MBASIC === Microsoft BASIC GW-BASIC === Gee - Whiz BASIC BASICA === BASIC Advanced QBASIC === Quick BASIC VB === Visual BASIC

GW-BASIC is Interpreted Language

BASIC is a hihg level interpreted language. Lets you run programs as you write them. Interpreted Languages make good learning platforms because of their quick feedback.

Modes of GW-BASIC Programming

There are two modes of GW-BASIC Programming. 1. Direct Mode 2. Indirect Mode

1. Direct Mode

In the Direct Mode BASIC commands and statements are executed as they are entered. This mode is useful for removing errors in programs (Debugging).

2. Indirect Mode

(a) The Indirect Mode is used to enter programs. (b) Program Lines are always preceded by line numbers and are stored in memeory. (c) Program is executed by entering the RUN command.